Before Changing Design Templates, Please Note The Following:

  • When you initially created your website, sample content (e.g. text and images) from the design template you picked out is loaded into the website. If you apply a new design template, it will not reset or add any new sample content. The content from the previous template will not transfer to the new one as well and may appear missing due to different content areas used between the templates. Only the site's general layout (menu location, content area layout) will change. Changing templates will not give you the content of the new template.

  • If you wish to start over with a new design template and have all the default content load in, the best option at this time is to start over with a new website. Please submit a ticket and our team will be happy to assist you with this.

Design Templates: 

The Design templates you have added to your website are displayed under the My Designs tab with the Design Editor. Your selected design is listed under Current Design at the ver top.

Changing your Design template:

If you would like to change to a Design template you already have under the My designs, click the design and click the Apply Selected Design button.

If you would like to use a new design, you can visit the Design Gallery tab. The Design Gallery lists all of the designs templates available with your website package. 

You may either add the design to your My Design tab for later use by clicking Add to My Designs button or you can apply it to your site right away by clicking Apply Selected Design button.